Saturday, November 29, 2014

I've been working on the same space for over three months. Adding clippings of magazines to my dream cork board wall, getting giddy off of stacks of newly rolled balls of yarn, seeing my newest creations hanging up where I can see them.  

A little love and my heated, windowless area off of the garage is my favorite place to go. 

I am also three dresses away from having my closet of basic, "anytime/anyplace" dresses that I have been dreaming about for years on end.  My first sweater has already been worn out in public several times, but I am already thinking about unraveling it.  I love modification.  Even if it takes me a while to admit that the "oh so subtle" flaws are not actually giving my handmade garment character...

It's amazing how something that takes so much time to make can be taken apart in minutes.  

I am toying with still doing a shoot with my first sweater - because, um, I need documentation.  Not to mention getting back in the practice of posing alone with my camera and handy, dandy remote in public places.  

Looking forward to it.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

i visited a beautiful lake just as fall set in.  fall has such a recognizable color palette.  even here in alaska, the purple mountains majesty have their own take - offset by a sky that could not decide if it wanted rain or sunshine.

still working on my latch hook squares + a granny square afghan.  oh yeah, and working on a dress to help show off my 1st sweater.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

boom. a color explosion. 
latch hook square # 1. done.
onto the next.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

fall comes to the city

i took these photos sometime during the first week of september.  

dry, brittle leaves. crisp mornings.  fall comes to the city.

i've heard some locals say that we're in for a long, rough winter.

but then again, every place i go to, the locals say that we're in for a long, rough winter.

as a july baby, i know that the hot, humid air and warm waters of my childhood should make summer my favorite season, but i have a soft spot for fall.  

it always catches me unexpectedly and leaves too soon.  just as the winter months tend to stay too long - if it weren't for knitting (and my natural "home body" disposition as a cancer)  i would probably loathe the winter.

as it is, i have eagerly adopted the "knit fast, die warm" motto.  i can't remember which knitter-blogger came up with that.  it might have been one of the goth knitter-bloggers, of whom i also harbor a soft spot.

i might have mentioned it before, but i will mention it again. i have just finished square one of my latch hook rug.  it is a beautiful tangle of yarn of varying lengths (despite my best efforts at consistency).  

i have many more squares to go.  

cheers to square one of many.  i will attempt to cut it down evenly and share soon.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

last look at summer - pics from early august fishing trip

as the weather here is feeling very fall-ish, I thought I would post some pics from early august.

i love looking at these pics - it's stunning how close the city is to nature spots.

my goal is to start bringing my camera with me - along with one choice portable craft project - daily.  

on a craftier note - i am beginning to plan for my second sweater...

i never thought two sweaters finished before november would be possible, but (knock on wood) my knitting needles keep clickity-clackin' away.

cheers to a crafty weekend.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

around the homestead.

this week flew by.

my little sweater project is in its finishing stages - yarn ends to be tended and then i should be able to wear that bad boy out.

my latch hook rug is still a WIP, but square one (of many) is about to be knocked out.  after one more square i should be able to tell whether or not cutting up my canvas into more manageable chunks was a good idea or...

i find myself wavering between socks or another sweater for my next knitting project.  socks are just so tempting, but i do have that chunky yarn stash to finish up before i can purchase additional yarn, which is a shame, because i found a delectable yarn shop close by.

hmm. i better get back to knitting, if i ever hope to visit it again. 

like ever.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the sun - downtown Anchorage - a part of the "planet walk"

lettering on window of tourist shop

my favorite abandoned building - so many day dreams about what its next incarnation could be

if only club 25 was still a hoppin' place for the above listed

mural over parking garage - i pass it daily

donated bricks just outside of the downtown park

mural on the side of the downtown mall - one of my favorites