Monday, July 30, 2012

Dream Picnic

I am in the beginning phases of working on some Fall 2012 projects--notably, knee highs.  This is my first attempt on a design from Knitting Knee Highs by Barb Brown.So far, so good.  Although I must confess that I have become smitten with two-at-a-time socks using the magic loop method.  And to make matters worse--I am also smitten with starting from the toe-up.  Not covered, of course, in above mentioned book.

Have come to the conclusion, though, that the key is to actually finish this project before the chill, crisp winds of fall.  So, I must knit in the heat...hopefully finding some shade now and then.

I can only assume that finishing is the key for this project, but I enjoyed the yarny adventure I got to go on in my own backyard. Next time, I will remember to pack away some food in the picnic basket as well.

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