Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's A Party, Pt. 1

So, let's just call this the "It's A Party Dress," Part 1.  Part 2 pending soon.  And perhaps, for the next photo shoot I will iron before snapping the pics. Perhaps.

Update: I somehow managed to "forget" to post the story behind this dress. So, here it goes, just in case anyone was wondering. This was one of the few dresses where I decided to do everything right. I took an online class. I meticulously chose the fabric. And I even tried my best to match up the different sewing notions required. In short, I was on fire. I decided it would be best to give myself a significant amount of time to work on this dress before my friend's wedding took place in May, which is where I planned on showing off my creation.

Fast forward to one week before the wedding.  I realized at this point that I had procrastinated long enough and that it was time to start cutting out the pattern pieces, following the online course, video section by video section.  I can acknowledge that my sewing skills are that of a beginner, but for some reason, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I knew that making cups, boning techniques, and muslin fittings were totally skills I could master in a week.

To prove my belief in my ability to make this dress, and to lock myself into actually doing it, I decided that I would pack my suitcase with no other "back-up" or "emergency" dress. It was just going to be me and my handmade dress at a friend's wedding.

Fast forward to one day before I was to fly out for the wedding. As I sit at my little blue chair, tears of frustration running down my face at 1:00am, I decide, in a fit of unparalleled genius, that I was going to go off course (literally), after having faithfully followed every direction given to me in the class.  How hard could it be to add the skirt part to a dress?  I would draft one myself.  In twenty minutes tops, I thought.

Twenty minutes later, I realized that draft was too strong of a word.  Now I was determined to make-up something that at least resembled a skirt, pin it to the top, add pleats to hide my shoddy sewing (hint: it only made it stand out more), and sew it all together. This I did, despite a pesky little hump + bump that kept appearing on the back of my dress. So  I did, at that moment, what sleep deprivation and bad decisions inevitably lead to--I ignored the hell out of it.

That is until the morning of the wedding, when I proudly pronounced to a nervous JH that I was going to take my dress apart and sew it back together again to make the hump + bump go away.  It would take no more than an hour tops, I told him. No amount of questioning or reasoning could talk me out of this plan.

Two hours later, my dress was in a disheveled heap, I was in a fit of bitter tears, and covered in purple threads. I imagine I resembled a craft happy costumer's version of Medusa. Please remember that at this point in the story, the protagonist full of hubris had not packed another dress in her suitcase. The image of me, in shorts and a t-shirt, at my friend's wedding tore at my soul, and I realized that I had some thinking to do.

After ten minutes of soberly examining the folly of my ways, I pitifully hand-sewed the dress back together, piece by piece. And suddenly, almost miraculously, a little hump + bump didn't seem that bad. Not bad at all.  And we arrived just in time to the wedding...that is just in time to follow behind the wedding party as they made their way to the alter.  I am seriously doubting whether or not I will be invited to another wedding.  But if I am, the only question will be, which online course to take next?

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