Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2 DIY Projects // Before Pics

I found the above jumble of string beads stashed away in my beads 'n things box.  Inevitably, all of the beads had become entangled with all of the "things" leaving me with one jumbled up mess.  I also lost one whole string of beads to my carpet after I forgot that when unraveling a bead jumble it is best to tread lightly as string breaks very easily.  But those are the stories that arise from stash busting. 

The above picture of a lovely...plate?...was found at one of my favorite thrift stores for $1.50 with no chips.  It wasn't the 25 cent bargain that I normally hold out for, but it reminded me of a four leaf clover so I allowed myself to be swayed.  I am thinking about reusing one of my spray paints for an old-fashioned quick paint update.  The key will be to avoid drips and drops and globs.

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