Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 Ways To Keep It Thrifty


My Top Five Ways to Keep It Thrifty:
  1.  Stash Bust. I am woman enough to admit that I have stashes in all of my crafty areas.  Luckily for me, my stashes have plenty of good things to  offer up for my thrifty cause.  Using materials that I have around allows me to be creative with what what's on hand, justify my previous purchases, and (more importantly) to justify my future purchases.  Okay, so perhaps that last part wasn't quite as thrifty.

  2. Give a makeover.  I am a fan of giving old items that I use or have found a makeover.  This is especially true when I have great finds at a thrift store.  I often find that an item may have a particular awesomeness about it, but is just one spray can paint job away from fitting perfectly into my personal style.

  3. Bend the rules.  Some of my most satisfying finds end up not being used the way they were intended to be.   Delicate basket weave ceramic vase as an earring holder?  Right on.  Serving dish as a bathroom organizer?  Oh, yeah!

  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.   One of the ways that I have saved money is to reuse materials to death.  For example, when I buy a can of spray paint I try to make sure that it is a color that I adore so that I can use it again and again on many different projects.  This helps keep costs low and, if I am careful about the color, can add the right pop of color consistently throughout my space.

  5. Cross-Merchandise.  I try to combine my materials and knowledge in one crafty pursuit to another.  So I might, use a knit element as part of a garment or add a sewn fabric element to a necklace .  I love this as it allows me use up multiple stashes at once.

To the dog days of summer, I say, I am ready. Give me a cold glass of Southern style iced tea and put a link on the grill. Or in my case a link on the frying pan, but that image wasn't quite as savory. Hot dogs and sweat tea, definitely off to a thrifty start.

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