Thursday, August 16, 2012

Butterscotch Legwarmers

I have felt a little guilty about my postponement of knitting and crochet in favor of Alfred and sewing.  I have always fancied myself a knitter/crocheter for any season, but I realize that in the heat of summer (and even during the cooler nights) I just can't bring myself to pick up yarn for long periods of time.

Then, as always around this time of year, I start to notice small seasonal changes.  Leaves turning brown, greens that are no longer lime and granny apple, but ether forest or jungle, and I get the urge to pull out my book with Elizabeth Zimmermann and all of her fiber happy musings.  Of course, I tend to get a little over eager.  I begin to plan elaborate projects--fair isle stockings with whales (they can't be that hard), form fitting sweater knit in the round then steeked (at an asymmetrical angle) with a heavy duty coat zipper (a month tops, right?).

Overall, this project and the outfit I wore it with embody the spirit behind my very thrifty month.  Thrifted clothes + friend-me-downs from a friend leaving town helped to pull it all together. As for the leg warmers, I used a simple fishnet stitch so these worked up amazingly fast.  Probably in about two hours, maybe less.  The challenging part was figuring out how to get the elastic (used towards the top to keep them up) covered with fabric.  I still have some tinkering to do with that.  All-in-all, not to shabby of a project.  Perhaps, this will give me the motivation that I need to get started again on those knee high socks I posted about.

As I continue on my craft happy journey, I want to make a more concerted effort to share links, videos, and tutorials that I have found helpful across the web. Below, is a video showing the fishnet stitch. I did slight variation of it, but this helped me figure it out.

New to crochet? I would start with this:

Also, a special thanks to my awesome childhood neighbor, Ms. Kelley, for teaching me to crochet in the first place!

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