Monday, August 27, 2012

Final Week // 2 DIY Project Wrap-Up

September is right around the corner!  If it weren't for moments of stifling heat I would say it went by too quickly.  I thought I would start this week with 2 small DIY projects and end it with a monthly wrap-up of my favorite projects.  I am also looking forward to a small blog update!  Nothing too grand, just a couple of pages in the side bar for final projects.

Color Play // Thrift Store Redo

I was inspired to do this crafty makeover, after too many instances of stumbling into my bathroom in the morning completely unable to find my essential makeup choices.  They are usually spread across my counter, hidden under each other, making each morning a scavenger hunt.  The final straw came when I realized that I had duplicates of certain lipstick shades.  Definitely not thrifty.  The added bonus of such a project is that it should add a little color to my bathroom.

Living On A Coral Reef // Inspiration

This is a photo that I cut out from the May 2012 issue of Vogue magazine.  The gown is Alexander McQueen and the head piece is Julien d'Ys.  A very stunning piece and a show stopper for sure.  Coral is my current obsession.  I like to think that it can transition from summer to fall.  I, of course, am currently not in the market for couture clothing or headpieces.  So, I will just have to make do with a small nod towards coral coloration in an accessory.

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