Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finished DIY Projects

DIY 1: Coral Bracelets

I used some discounted seed beads from my stash (I seem to have a stash for everything) to make this happen. Definitely not a master of jewelry making, so I will not bore with a tutorial. I did want to list some supplies, though, just in case anyone was curious!

I am fortunate enough to have a gaggle of seed beads always at the ready so I thought I just might try my hand at a little bracelet making. Glad that I did. I now have two bracelets in a lovely shade of coral to pair with my piteously under worn teal, open-toed shoes.

DIY 2: Make-up Organization

(1) Choose a plate or ceramic piece, (2) Have painter's tape handy (for fancy patterns or just to use so that the bottom is paint free), (3) Choose a happy color that makes your heart sing.

I love this thrift store find! I wonder how many times I can use this one can of spray paint? At least I have a soft place in my heart for canary yellow. It is especially nice in the winter, where gray Michigan skies contrast with it beautifully.

This project was the perfect solution for a bathroom that was quickly becoming too cluttered. I added the reversible fabric cushion as an after thought so that the bottom would not get scratched up. The only thing I would do differently is to spray paint more evenly. Oh, and add a daiquiri, but perhaps the paint coat would be way more lumpy!

And now I will go and muse over fall 2012 glossy images. Oh, and actually force myself to keep knitting those socks, though, it is a little warm for my knitting tastes.

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