Friday, August 3, 2012

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Dress Inspiration

Funky, pink, over-sized, 80s inspired goodness. Once I started searching, I found some wonderful things to collage to make me feel like I was in the correct mind frame for sewing. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to set the course for a wonderful sewing experience. Currently, I am also listening to The Reminder, by Feist. Hard not to feel in the groove with that album.

When I sew, I always have a little something blaring in the background. I have just started to notice that my music choices often closely align with what kind of garment I am making. For instance, if I am in the mood for a "night on the town outfit," music with a beat is quickly sought and then played. Not surprisingly, if I am making an outfit that I believe will cause me to go out of my comfort zone, Lady Gaga mysteriously plays in repeat.

I have begun to fall in love with my musical + sewing quirks. It's like the clothes are the DJs. Love it.

In case you missed it, this post is a part of a series:  (1) brainstorming
This post is also a part of my thrifty month.

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