Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MidWestern Modesty // Dress Inspiration

Have I fully explained my fascination + love for knits, yet? Knits are some of the most amazing fits that I can ever expect to get out of garments with the least amount of work. They tend to cling in all the right places, and with the discovery of my walking foot, they are much easier to sew.

I know that it is hard to see the details of this dress from my scanned and cut out copy, but this dress involves two pieces that have a cut-out shape right at the chest area. A lot of the dresses I have seen, keep the rest of the dress pretty unfussy as the cutout does tend to highlight a certain area of your body.

You would think that the cutout would make it gaudy, but I think it gives it a weird mix of modesty. Kind of a peak-a-boo feel.

Don't have a serger, but interested in trying your hand with sewing knits? I recommend this video:

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