Monday, August 20, 2012

Sewing with Knits // Brainstorming

I have been having a bit of a love affair with dresses. It's an all-in-one outfit that I have been wishing for more of. My wardrobe currently consists of a lot of two pieces, which is really convenient for laundry (as I am of the mind that skirts can be worn more than once), but goes against my initial dream list.

Speaking of which, here is a little update. I went ahead and checked off dresses, despite knowing that I will be making more, because I have now made two! And my legwarmers are indeed "knee-highs", in fact, they are thigh-high. A little worried about my commitment to making a sweater and multiple pairs of pants...I may have to substitute those out as I am not sure that I want to wear a lot of pants and a sweater seems low on my knitting dream list. But, I may also be suffering from winter amnesia, in which I think that I will be traipsing around in dresses and skirts in the snow.

I have also noticed that my outfit musings tend to lean towards purple. Though I am not one to necessarily keep up with seasonal color trends, I can tell that for me at least, purple reigns king. I have a lovely pattern that has been sitting on my sewing table forever that I would like to try out. It has a cutout, which could be either "AWESOME" or "WHOOPS," depending on my sewing skills.

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