Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shrinky Dink Pin Wristlets

After taking an online class, read about the results here, I became kind of obsessed with the Gertie's wrist arm cushion

The usefulness of such an object became immediately apparent as I began to gain sewing momentum in May. Being able to have pins at the ready and to use both hands to shift patterns or pin fabric proved invaluable to me. I am still using these for all of my sewing projects.

I kind of made up how to do this as I went, but everything ended up working out. This project took me about an hour to complete three pin cushion wristlets (baking included). My first try was a wipe out, but once I overcame my math skills and figured out an approximate shrinking measurement it was pretty smooth sailing.

Materials used: sheets of shrinky dink (can purchase at most big craft stores), permanent markers (for decorating), fabric scraps + fiber fill + thread (for pin cushion), a cup (to trace out shrinky dink circle for pin cushion to rest on), a ruler (to measure out shrinky dink wrist band), a mini flower vase (to shape shrinky dink wrist band into half circle), & hot glue gun (to glue pin cushion to shrinky dink circle and then to glue circle to shrinky dink wrist band).

In case you missed it, this post is a part of my thrifty month.

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