Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stitchin w/ Stoller // Design

I am pretty excited about this fall project.  I heart crochet so much, but I normally reserve my hook for home projects--throws, grocery bags, etc.  I love the speed, but hate the amount of yarn it chews through.  My first realization that crochet could be realistically made into garments that won't floor me with bulk was Debbie Stoller's, The Happy Hooker.  Most of those projects still seem really modern and cool.  At one point I was working my way through several projects. 

The stitch that I use a lot for crochet leg warmers is the fishnet stitch.  I like it because it works up fast and because it makes the finished product not feel too bulky.  I spent a little time looking at Wiki's list of colors.  I love putting a name to colors and then thinking about how to incorporate them into projects. 

Materials Used:  (1) 1 3.5 gram skein of Vanna's Choice (orange), (2) small amt. (about 1/4 of a 3.5 gram skein) of yarn for top, thigh high, (3) size H crochet hook, (4) directions for fishnet stitch, (5) ribbon or fabric to fold over elastic, (6) elastic (2" subtracted from inches of elastic needed to fit around thigh), (7) thread

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