Friday, August 24, 2012

The Peak-a-boo Dress // 1 dress // 2 Ways

This dress was mercifully easy to sew.  The pattern writers did not lie!  I am pretty much in love with this dress.  I love how the pattern allows you to match your dress size with your cup size.  I feel like this is the closest fit I've had without having to do too many alterations.

I also cannot say enough about the fabric.  Even with iron burns it is incredibly soft against my skin.  But enough yapping...I decided to pose this dress two ways.  The first is an ode to the Midwest (inspired by my current location + my inspiration post).  The second is what I am deeming my alien style, which represents my alter ego, also know as, "we come in peace."

Midwestern Modesty

We Come In Peace

All photos by JH.

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