Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where You At?

My bedroom/craft room...

I am thinking about yarn for the week ahead.  A little break from Alfred, my sewing machine, might be nice.  He has been working extra hard for me lately.  

I also have a confession.  I slipped up and bought a skein of sale yarn.  I have so much stash yarn already that I feel very ridiculous (not enough to return it, though).  But I have decided to force myself to incorporate at least a little stash yarn into my next project.   

Not sure if a self-administered hair cut counts for atonement, but I did it. Well, I did something.  I used real hair shears and I think that I managed to get most of my split ends.  And while studying my face in the mirror, I decided to finally commit to bangs and to focus on making them thick and somewhat even.

Guess this weekend was a cut above the rest... (yep, I wrote that).

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