Monday, August 13, 2012

Yarn On the Brain

Can I keep him? I swear this is what I see every time I go to a store that has yarn. You would think that this would keep me away from such stores. Instead, I go in with the reserve of a reformed hoarder. I tell myself that I am only going to look at the yarn. I am not allowed to pick them up and pet them. That is what gets you in trouble.

Anyway, I have decided that I should congratulate myself on only getting one, and with a specific project in mind, no less. Progress. I have been craving buttery, creamy butterscotch, and I am thinking that this orange would go great with one of my stash yarns...yellow, maybe? Anyway, I drew the picture below to give myself an idea of what I would like to happen here. The one downside is that I don't have a lovely gown like that. Perhaps, I can remix something I already have?

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