Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where You At >> Crafty Pursuits

This weekend I :

Finished up plans for a birthday gift request.  In the initial stages I am thinking of using the mustard colored sweater from this post for yarn, the fair-isle technique, and doing both mittens at the same time. Perhaps I am a little over eager.

Completed cutting up fabric scraps for a garland project born out of a couple of sick days.  I might have gone a little overboard with cutting out scraps between sneezes.

Stood still to admire a detail on a nice little petticoat I learned how to make from this tutorial.

Woke up this morning with the absolute need to make this recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies ever.  I have had the ingredients for about a week and now I cannot contain my overflowing excitement.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carried Away >> Ripple Blanket

This is the most embarrassingly late gift ever.  Long story short, I finally finished it!  The blanket of a thousand yarn ends is complete and ready to be sent away.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Review >> Thrift Store Musings

I did my thrift shopping a little early last week to fit in a 50% off all men's clothing thrift sale.  It was the perfect opportunity to knock off some items on my wish list.


(a) men's tweed jacket , (b) men's angora sweater , (c) men's leather jacket , (d) men's basic grey t-shirt

A quick close up photo of buttons and buttery leather.

In my mind, I have beautiful plans for all of these items...only time will tell if any of those plans turn into reality!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Solstice Dress >> Around the Dwelling

This dress is primarily meant as a play dress and a muslin for what I am self-dubbing, "a lesson in humility."  I learned a little about math, a little about the fragility of tissue paper, and a little about princess seams.  I am still not enamored with math, have become appreciative of the healing powers of tape, and am in love with curve hugging princess seams.

I still can't believe that I have been shopping for most of my clothes (save the "under-things" and socks) at thrift stores for about three years now.  The results of such thrift adventures are never dull and a dream of mine has always been to re-imagine and alter thrift store clothing.  I think having some basic patterns that are created to fit my body and then going crazy with different details is going to be awesome!

As for the details of this dress: 

  • cost:  $1.99 for the skirt (found at thrift store), $.50 for red double fold bias tape (thrift store)
  • additional notions:  zipper (from stash), thread (from stash), white bias tape (from stash)
  • pattern:  my very own
  • kitsch factor:  3 out 4
  • will wear it next:  Saturday at the Farmer's Market

Farewell summer.  I can feel the nip of fall...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cloudy Day >> Photo shoot reschedule

I get no respect, I tell ya'.  After arriving home from work, I could see that the ominous cloud coverage would wreck havoc on my 06' point and shoot.  And I did not spend yesterday bragging so that I could shoot grainy pics.  No, sir.  My pictures maybe blurry, but I will be wearing lipstick and something funky on my head.

After all, a completed sewing project should be a celebration.  A chance for the seamstress to say, "See that thread hanging off of my unfinished hem?  I did that."

According to the Internet weather gods, tomorrow will have even more cloud coverage + actual t-storms.  Oh my, what is a girl to do?  I am thinking #1 reschedule dress reveal until Wednesday, #2 talk about how I have already completed the muslin for my not-so-subversive skirt, and #3 share this link about how to make your own backdrop and this link posted by a crafter who made hers extra awesome.

Regarding #2:  I know that I am late on the whole dress like Joan Holloway's twin thing, but my skirt is resembling more Mad Men sexy than subversive.  Must remember not to confuse retro with counter-culture edgy awesomeness.  If anyone has any ideas about sewing subversively I would love to hear them.  As I am way too lame and authority bound to pull anything like that off (yet).

Regarding #3:  Must remember that a hacksaw involves a lot of hand gripping and that carrying two 10 feet long 3/4" PVC pipes down Packard Street will get looks and is potentially dangerous to myself and others given my clumsiness and penchant for walking sideways.

I can already tell that this week is going to be a very productive.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Solstice Dress >> Before

 I can officially say that I have finished altering and then redrafting a pattern!  I gave myself a little time away from the blog to sew myself silly, and I am actually excited about the results.  Above is the "before" picture of my thrift store find.  The skirt gave me a lot of fabric to work with so I had freedom to make some design mistakes here and there.  I am not sure what the material is made of...probably some sort of thin polyester and the waist is elasticised.  I love zippers, so that would be my one disappointment with the skirt.

I also learned two very important lessons.  1)  The difference between wearing ease and design ease (I leaned heavily on this link), and 2) I was supposed to be regularly oiling and clearing the inside of my machine of thread and fabric debris.  Totally, did not get the memo on that, and started thinking about it only after I read somewhere that oil is essential to keeping a car running smoothly.  It's weird the connections that I make.  I have included the You Tube video that I found the most helpful about machine upkeep below.

Tomorrow, I will snap up some pics and share the results of my thrift store skirt to dress remake.  If it weren't for the skirt that is next on my list, I would definitely use my new custom pattern to make more dresses using thrift store items!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where You At?

This weekend I am:(1) choosing fabric for my solstice dress from a stash of 1/2 priced thrift clothing

(2) seeing signs of the changing seasons everywhere

(3) framing my world through self-made viewfinders

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Luminescence >> The Sewing Projects

I just finished the "brainstorming" process for my month of September sewing list.  It is quite ambitious.  More than likely, overly ambitious, but I have to believe that National Sew Month shouldn't be wasted on projects that don't make me push myself to the brink of sewing despair.  Anyway, I figure if I get truly lost along the way there are talented sewing enthusiasts out there who can help. 

My original inspiration page had to be done twice, as I realized that my first go ended in two beautiful pages of knitting inspiration.  Good grief, where is my head?  Luckily, I regained a sense of clarity once I narrowed my goals down to four essential pieces that I should master:  (1)  Solstice:  a summer dress celebrating the gradual close of a season, (2) Toils:  the subversive skirt (not sure if I can actually make a skirt that edgy), (3) Innards:  the completion of the bombshell dress (it's about dang time), and (4) Enclosure:  the act of body binding (aka a corset).

I would like 1, 2, and 4 to be made primarily with my thrifty finds from a 1/2 off memorial day sale.  Now, I feel like I must admit that I have tried to take a thrift find apart and to put it back together before.  The beginning musings of said project were excellent (see my ambitious vision below), the taking apart did start to inflict some doubt on the feasibility of my project, but it was the trying to put it back together in a different way part that was very troublesome.  Truly, it was gruesome.

But, it is time to get adventurous again.  And to, of course, document the ups (and inevitable downs).  Let the chaos ensue!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Septemeber '12

Today marks the official start day of National Sew Month.  I have been patiently waiting for this month to come around since July.  Not that I haven't been sewing, but there is something exciting about knowing that sewers across the country will be sharing the joy (and frustrations) of sewing.

Have also managed to update my "about me" page and add some static pages for finished projects separated by categories:  sewing, knitting + crochet, and accessoriesI will try to keep those updated regularly...

But enough chit-chat.  Time for me to get back to sewing!  Have a great Labor Day weekend.