Thursday, September 6, 2012

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I just finished the "brainstorming" process for my month of September sewing list.  It is quite ambitious.  More than likely, overly ambitious, but I have to believe that National Sew Month shouldn't be wasted on projects that don't make me push myself to the brink of sewing despair.  Anyway, I figure if I get truly lost along the way there are talented sewing enthusiasts out there who can help. 

My original inspiration page had to be done twice, as I realized that my first go ended in two beautiful pages of knitting inspiration.  Good grief, where is my head?  Luckily, I regained a sense of clarity once I narrowed my goals down to four essential pieces that I should master:  (1)  Solstice:  a summer dress celebrating the gradual close of a season, (2) Toils:  the subversive skirt (not sure if I can actually make a skirt that edgy), (3) Innards:  the completion of the bombshell dress (it's about dang time), and (4) Enclosure:  the act of body binding (aka a corset).

I would like 1, 2, and 4 to be made primarily with my thrifty finds from a 1/2 off memorial day sale.  Now, I feel like I must admit that I have tried to take a thrift find apart and to put it back together before.  The beginning musings of said project were excellent (see my ambitious vision below), the taking apart did start to inflict some doubt on the feasibility of my project, but it was the trying to put it back together in a different way part that was very troublesome.  Truly, it was gruesome.

But, it is time to get adventurous again.  And to, of course, document the ups (and inevitable downs).  Let the chaos ensue!

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