Sunday, September 16, 2012

Solstice Dress >> Before

 I can officially say that I have finished altering and then redrafting a pattern!  I gave myself a little time away from the blog to sew myself silly, and I am actually excited about the results.  Above is the "before" picture of my thrift store find.  The skirt gave me a lot of fabric to work with so I had freedom to make some design mistakes here and there.  I am not sure what the material is made of...probably some sort of thin polyester and the waist is elasticised.  I love zippers, so that would be my one disappointment with the skirt.

I also learned two very important lessons.  1)  The difference between wearing ease and design ease (I leaned heavily on this link), and 2) I was supposed to be regularly oiling and clearing the inside of my machine of thread and fabric debris.  Totally, did not get the memo on that, and started thinking about it only after I read somewhere that oil is essential to keeping a car running smoothly.  It's weird the connections that I make.  I have included the You Tube video that I found the most helpful about machine upkeep below.

Tomorrow, I will snap up some pics and share the results of my thrift store skirt to dress remake.  If it weren't for the skirt that is next on my list, I would definitely use my new custom pattern to make more dresses using thrift store items!


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