Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Solstice Dress >> Around the Dwelling

This dress is primarily meant as a play dress and a muslin for what I am self-dubbing, "a lesson in humility."  I learned a little about math, a little about the fragility of tissue paper, and a little about princess seams.  I am still not enamored with math, have become appreciative of the healing powers of tape, and am in love with curve hugging princess seams.

I still can't believe that I have been shopping for most of my clothes (save the "under-things" and socks) at thrift stores for about three years now.  The results of such thrift adventures are never dull and a dream of mine has always been to re-imagine and alter thrift store clothing.  I think having some basic patterns that are created to fit my body and then going crazy with different details is going to be awesome!

As for the details of this dress: 

  • cost:  $1.99 for the skirt (found at thrift store), $.50 for red double fold bias tape (thrift store)
  • additional notions:  zipper (from stash), thread (from stash), white bias tape (from stash)
  • pattern:  my very own
  • kitsch factor:  3 out 4
  • will wear it next:  Saturday at the Farmer's Market

Farewell summer.  I can feel the nip of fall...

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