Thursday, October 25, 2012

Borrowed Furs >> The Pencil Skirt

This skirt had amazing fabric.  All I had to do was take it apart, match the flat pieces to my muslin, cut it down to size, add darts,  zig-zag stitch the wool edges, and then stitch it back together.  

I definitely plan on doing this method again.  It was pretty straightforward and fast once I got my muslin all figured out.

In the back, I kept the zipper intact.  I also kept the buttonhole and button waistband as they were.  The band fit perfectly without alterations.

Stuff >> tights, shoes
Thrift(ed) or Free >> hat, gold frame pin, butterfly pin, shirt, belt, fur collar 
Me Made or (Re)Made >> wool skirt

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cotton, Spirits, and Tobacco >> Remembering Home

I just returned home from a trip to visit with a mentor/friend/surrogate mother and found myself a float in a Southern reverie.  Lined rows of resting farmland, that in my youth were constantly alternating between cotton and tobacco, surrounded by forest green trees.  A quiet, sleepy kind of beauty that made me restless as a child.


A former neighbor taught me how to card and spin cotton using a charkha.  I became entranced and very eager to bring a little of the contentment I felt to my current home in the Midwest.  Though on a smaller scale.

It turned out that contentment costs $2 in materials.  I have included links to my online classroom below.

I also finished my fingerless mitts on the plane.  I crocheted the thumbs in pink.  They remind me of the fish lips on a random plush thing I made and embroidered (not that I need more random things in my apartment).  I must admit that I have missed Alfred and that I am excited to get back to sewing.

My online classroom:  how to make a spindle from common craft materials >> top drop spindle, low-whorl/bottom-whorl spindle; how to spin videos below >>

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where Skies Are Blue

{Pause}.  I am flying back home to NC for a quick trip, so I will have to pause posting on my skirt.  Can I just say that wool is always itchier than I think it will be?  Also, let me say that I am still excited about my progress even though a lining is a must or my skin will not be happy.

Picking up sticks.  I have printed out the TSA's policy for knitting needles.  I will not risk my favorite circulars!  On the needle are two at a time mittens.

Opulent.  I am sure I will be thinking about this video and all of the lovely details that were carefully chosen for the runway while I am on a different type of runway.  Amazing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Looking Glass >> Wool Skirt (Before)

Stuff >> tights, shoes, glasses
Thrifted or Free >> wool skirt, brown dress, yellow necklace, bag
Me Made >> crocheted headpiece

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pencil Me In >> Skirt Inspiration

Women with guns.  For some reason that made me think more about my subversive skirt that is actually turning into a not so subversive pencil skirt.  Not so very different after all.  At least in my mind my inspiration is the juxtaposition between the great outdoors, guns, and form fitting skirt with a high slit.

Power and sexiness in a skirt.  Luckily the September 2011 issue of Instyle Magazine explained how the pencil skirt is able to somehow convey both.    The pencil skirt, the caption read, looks put together and professional but the shape of the skirt causes the hips to rock back and forth when you walk.

Mobility in action.  I can only hope that I can make the skirt (using some repurposed wool from a "thrifted" skirt) comfortably tight.  Perhaps that is an oxymoron.  We will find out.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dream Catchers >> DIY Sketchbook Cover

When shopping around thrift stores I feel like you're never quite sure how much you will (or will not) use a found object.  Choosing the right fabric takes on adventure in itself, not to mention actually figuring out how to use the fabric.  Finding two lace curtain panels at one of my favorite thrifty haunts was like hitting upon gold.  I have used it for this dress and now two sketchbook covers.  I think I may have just enough for another project that has been sitting on my sewing back burner.  

I found the tutorial for how to make these here.  There is something very nice about having things all covered up nicely and ready to go.  I can't help but look around and think what should be covered up next.

October 2012

I am in love with fall.  October will be about continuing forward with some projects from last month (subversive skirt, bombshell dress inside lining, and a corset), along with some fun projects to keep me happy (sketchbook covers, a fish, garland, lion mittens), and creating a fabric backdrop for photos.

Leaves falling, temperatures dropping, and gray weather.  It can all only mean that it is time to cozy up and get crafty.

P.S.  The cookies from the weekend post were amazing.  The 36 hour wait time for the dough, not so much.  I lasted 24 hours...just barely.