Monday, October 22, 2012

Cotton, Spirits, and Tobacco >> Remembering Home

I just returned home from a trip to visit with a mentor/friend/surrogate mother and found myself a float in a Southern reverie.  Lined rows of resting farmland, that in my youth were constantly alternating between cotton and tobacco, surrounded by forest green trees.  A quiet, sleepy kind of beauty that made me restless as a child.


A former neighbor taught me how to card and spin cotton using a charkha.  I became entranced and very eager to bring a little of the contentment I felt to my current home in the Midwest.  Though on a smaller scale.

It turned out that contentment costs $2 in materials.  I have included links to my online classroom below.

I also finished my fingerless mitts on the plane.  I crocheted the thumbs in pink.  They remind me of the fish lips on a random plush thing I made and embroidered (not that I need more random things in my apartment).  I must admit that I have missed Alfred and that I am excited to get back to sewing.

My online classroom:  how to make a spindle from common craft materials >> top drop spindle, low-whorl/bottom-whorl spindle; how to spin videos below >>

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