Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bodies In Motion >> Remixed Thrift Store Shirt(s)

This month I am finishing up with reworked remixed thrift store t-shirts.  I posted about my recent 1/2 off thrift store purchases here.  All-in-all this shirt (excluding thread, machinery, and fabric scraps from previous projects) cost $.99 (as it took two shirts, 49 cents each).  I used one shirt for the front and back pieces, and then I used the second shirt for the sleeves and collar.

Life is full of compromises.  So, I spruced up my shirt with a lace insert in the back.  The cold air may brush up against my barely clothed shoulders and back, but lace is always worth it!  The lace is from the same curtain panel that I used to make this dress.

Final word(s).  Shirts are very practical and necessary things to have around.  This shirt feels soft against my skin and fits pretty nicely.  I patterned the shirt on a black and white shirt (seen here) that I love.  The construction was pretty easy from there.   On my next go I plan on nipping the sides in a bit, working on getting my two-needle topstitch more even, and my sleeves a little more centered on my shoulder.

Stuff >> boots (not pictured), glasses
Thrift(ed) or Free >> gray leggings, skirt, pearl collar necklace 
Me Made or (Re)Made >> lace insert t-shirt


  1. Love it! And love the pictures!

    1. Thanks dude! Jumping around on a cloudy day always makes me smile!