Friday, November 9, 2012

Midwestern Morning Song >> Cabled Mittens

On my blog, I want to start sharing more of the "flavors" of wherever I happen to be.  Currently I reside in the Midwest.  A region full of surprises.

Being from the South, I had no idea what to expect.  The Midwest always existed in my mind as corn fields and cow pastures; just as I am sure for a lot people the south might exist as cotton fields and swine trenches.

Some things that I have come to love:  beautiful, intense fall colors, gray winters broken by unexpected bouts of sunshine, wind that fluctuates between breezy and upending, the clear distinctions between seasons--each transition finalized by beautiful and stark changes.

I also cannot stop my knitting needles.  I have added new cabled mittens to my collection.  I used some new techniques--mainly, two-at-a-time on one circular needle.  

Stuff >> shoes, tights
Thrift(ed) or Free >> sweater, shirt, skirt, necklace, watch, earrings  
Me Made or (Re)Made >> hair bow, mittens

On another note, I wanted to post a picture message for a friend, mentor, and surrogate mother who passed away this week.  In the photo, I couldn't help smiling when I thought of one my last memories of her, sitting in the beautiful garden of Eden that she and her husband helped to create, with the most cotton candy, bubble gum pink hair I have ever seen.

She was a unique thinker, a renegade, and a cultural warrior.  I know that she wasn't a huge fan of tears and sighs of regret, so I will continue to smile and think happy of thoughts of the woman I was extremely fortunate to have in my life.

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