Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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I recently found myself in the precarious position of gifting for a child.  It seemed so very simple, except that I was having a very hard time remembering what it was like being six.  My world at age six was filled with many brightly colored plastic toys and disney princesses, to be sure, but what where the simple luxuries that would remain ingrained in my childhood memories?

The more I thought about it, the more I remembered.  Childhood seemed to be a mix of wonder, mixed in with a bit of danger--the world seemed so incredibly big, stretching out forever in all directions.  Very hard to gift that, though.

So, I kept thinking.  And thinking.  And thinking some more.  Until my eye hit upon a childhood relic, slumped over on the floor, having endured night after night of my pushing it off the bed in my quest for space.  My bear, once soft, now worn with fur hopelessly matted down, still managed to be reassuring.

Understanding, of course, that choosing a stuffed friend is a very personal choice, I decided to go with soft.  For I can surely gift soft, with a little added warmth for winter, oh, and a lot of pink and purple, the chosen colors of said recipient.

I also remembered that as a kid I loved surprises.  They just happened, mysteriously, but quite often.  Secret notes in my lunch box, a roll of stickers in my backpack.  Simple delights.

Those days were eventually pushed aside for other phases that took me away from pink and into blue and then to yellow.  But for now, I am content to remember that somewhere a little girl is just beginning her pink phase.

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