Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chocolate Pie + Toppings Hat


This week has been a lesson in keeping warm.  Thus, the head is where it's at.  First a head wrap and now a hat to keep my ears from freezing.  I am not sure how I manage to lose most of the hats that I knit for myself, but I do.

Hats are such an easy, quick knit that I feel like I should make one to match every whim and mood that I might fancy myself in.  Today was all about warmth.  I was able to use up that last bit of white yarn from the two hats that I knit for JH.  I feel pretty lucky to have a hat made mostly with 100% wool.  A rare treat.

The top of the hat reminds me of chocolate pie topped with blueberry ice cream and whipped topping.  Another rare treat.  Yum.

(Me)Made or (Re)Made >> coat buttons, fingerless glove covers, hat
Thrift(ed) or Free >> sweater (under coat)
Stuff >> leggings, gloves, shoes, coat

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