Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Craft Idea >> Belle of the Ball Buttons

Step 1:  Mark the fabric using the clear circle template >> Step 2: Cut out the fabric >> Step 3:  Place the fabric underneath the top part of button and over the white button maker >> Step 4:  Push the top part of the button into the white button maker, evenly distributing the fabric as you go

Step 5: Place the bottom of the button over the fabric, being careful to "catch" all of the fabric underneath >> Step 6: Use the blue cap to apply even pressure all around the shank button, you should feel the shank button snap into place >> Step 7: Gently remove the white button maker from the finished button, being careful not to use the shank "hook" to pull the button out >> Step 8: Enjoy your new button

Below is an example of how I used my newly made buttons last year.  The button kit that I bought also came with flat metallic backs that can be used for magnets!

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