Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Craft Idea >> Retro Wrap

There are some days when I want to jazz up my outerwear.  What better way than a retro wrap?  I decided to try to document the method that I used for my first stab at this.  Next time, I think that I will try to do some fair isle patterning to give it an extra kick.  I still have a crush on the one pictured, though!

 If you have one lying around a tapestry needle would be nice to have on hand.  If you do not have one, you can use a crochet hook or your knitting needle to help sew everything together.  I used the magic loop method to make my wrap so I only needed one extra long (about 42") circular needle.  You can also use two straight needles and sew up the ends to make a loop or a small circular needle to make this.

1:  I cast on 88 stitches to fit my head using the long-tail cast on method.  Everyone knits at different tensions so you may have to fiddle around a bit to get the number of the stitches that fit comfortably around your noggin >> 2: I knit two rows >> 3:  I purled two rows and then repeated two rows of knitting and two rows of purling (next time I would do four rows of knitting and two rows of purls) >> 4: Once I reached the desired width I cast off and then cast on 5 stitches to make small rectangle and knit for 28 rows.  Once I reached a length that would fit around the wrap (with wiggle room for a square bow) I cast off.

5: Next I cast on for another bigger rectangle of about 12 stitches across and then I knit for about 25 ro
ws >> 6: Then I tried my hand at blocking...it went so/so >>7: Then I put everything in order--wrap, square (bow), and small rectangle >> 8: Finally I turned everything to the inside of my retro wrap and held the small rectangle sides together and sewed the two edges together using matching yarn.

A hat will still keep you warmer, but I can see this making a great winter to spring transition piece.  I also have a place to showcase my growing collection of broaches!

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