Monday, January 7, 2013

Inspiration >> Artistic Interpretation

There are days when I feel like wandering around the library, aimlessly and without direction.  On those days, I manage to find myself attracted to books and shelves that I would not normally frequent.  That is how I found a book full of Modigliani paintings.

I must admit that before my little adventure, I had never heard of Modigliani.  My limited knowledge of art is primarily anchored by one or two beginning art classes in high school.   My ignorance of the artistic world often allows for a lot of exciting "discoveries."

As soon as I opened the pages I was drawn to pictures of ladies with solid color eyes resting for a portrait brimming with the artistic interpretation of an artist who found a style that suited him.

I also love the collars on the dresses!  The women who sit for these photos are quite beautiful and lady like which made me think of the Italian word, bella (beautiful) donna (lady), which also happens to be my inspiration for the week.

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