Thursday, January 31, 2013


sidetrack |ˈsīdˌtrak|
verb [ trans. (usu. be/get sidetracked)
cause (someone) to be distracted from an immediate or important issue:
 he does not let himself get sidetracked by fads and trends.
• divert (a project or debate) away from a central issue or previously determined plan 
the effort at reform has been sidetracked for years.

(1) When you are as messy as I am, thinking that you can get your craft gear in order in two days is way too tame an estimate

(2) Nothing is classier than being fashionably late to your own craft party, on your own blog, with your own crafty inspiration for the week

(3)  I am thinking maybe next week I will try to be classic, as this week I was a little sidetracked...

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