Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ukulele Dreaming >> (Me)Made Skirt

One of my goals this year is to use thrift(ed) items, that I would normally pass by, to create items I would actually wear.  This can prove challenging, especially when I have to figure out the type of fabric I am working with, cut around holes or tears, and deal with frayed edges and well worn spots (like around the neck, arm holes, sleeves, etc).

When I found this dress at one of the 1/2 sales at my local Salvation Army, it reminded me of a pretty typical early 90s dress. Straight cut, with stretch length wise, and two ties at the waist to add shaping. The print was very "take me to Hawaii at the mall," which I found charming. The fit of the dress on me was adequate, but the dress did little to accentuate my curves or to add any definition whatsoever to my body.  Which brings me to the print of the dress...

The print is big, bold, and floral with bright colors. I decided, that since this print is not one I adore, it should be used in small doses in projects. I also decided to use the print as a bit of a peplum. I cut out two peplums and made a skirt from knit fabric left over from another project. Oh, and meet Skylar El Mira Uke, my new musical friend.

(Me)Made or (Re)Made >> skirt, mitten, fingerless glove, buttons  
Thrift(ed) or Free >> dress, broach, necklace 
 Stuff >> stockings, boots, coat

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