Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rapunzel At Work >> Classic Challenges

The classic theme has been keeping me quite busy and entertained. I have found myself sewing and knitting, ripping out threads and frogging stitches, all in an attempt to create using interesting techniques and details.

I must say that the challenge has made me remember why I love classic styles so much, along with the the techniques that produce form fitting garments and custom fitting knits.

I have also seen just how much I still have to learn about drafting patterns, working with thrift store garments, and making knitting designs.

So, I've decided to stick with my "classic" weekly theme until I feel satisfied with the work that I produce from it. I want to make projects where each week takes me on a sewing and knitting adventure, even if it means that the speed at which I produce finished products decreases a bit.

This is what comes from organizing ones craft things--tempting projects that push the comfort zone/skill level boundary, but now uncluttered and clearly within my line of sight!

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