Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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I have a small obsession with buttons.  I rummage through thrift stores looking for unique buttons and I am rarely disappointed by what I find.  I also tend to love tiny details that can help make an outfit stand out, which I feel like compliments my classic aesthetic goals for the week.  So, what could be better than creating your own wearable "Shrinky Dinks" buttons?

(1)  Decorate the "rough" side of your Shrinky Dinks plastic using heat safe drawing materials--I used sharpie markers and colored pencils; (2) Decide the best placements of your buttons; (3) Cut out the buttons using scissors or a circle punch; (4) Use a regular hole punch to cut out two small holes in the middle of your button

(5) Follow the directions on your Shrinky Dinks package-- I placed buttons (drawn side up) on a paper bag and then put the paper bag on a cookie sheet; (6) Heat up your oven and place the cookie sheet in the oven; (7) Monitor the magic of Shrinky Dinks; (8) Allow buttons to cool before use, they should be flat and thick (and then place 'em where you love them).

Shrinky Dinks Plastic Sheets*
Markers + Colored Pencils
Scissors or Circle Punch (2")
Regular Hole Punch
Cookie Sheet + Brown Paper Bag

*You can find Shrinky Dinks plastic at almost any big box craft store as well--I just thought a visual might be helpful for the uninitiated!

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