Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekend Snippets >> Knitting Peg Boards

As I mentioned in my last post about peg boards, one of my goals is to focus on using what I have. As I am occasionally cluttertastic I decided it might be easier to do more craft stuff if I could find things. So I began the long, and mentally draining, task of going through piles of craft doodads and thingamajigs, trying desperately to sort out the useful from the useless.

Not surprisingly, I found duplicates of items, long lost items, an embarrassing number of unopened patterns, an embarrassing number of opened but never used patterns, thin fabric coils from bits and pieces of successful and non-successful projects, and enough tangled yarn to get me to heaven's gate and back.

In a spotlight of redemption, I am happy to report that one bottle of almost florescent pink paint and another bottle of ghost busters goop colored paint are now gone.  Used in attempts to craft up my brown pegboards.  All-in-all I must say that I am happy with the project.  I just hope that I can remember to put things back where they go.  Because in the end, I guess that kinda makes or break the whole organizing thing.

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