Monday, April 22, 2013

|| The Life Aquatic || v.1 Jersey Skirt

Water, water everywhere would describe the weather currently drenching my part of the Midwest.  I am finding cloud coverage to be conducive to sewing, but not so much the power outage that hit a couple of nights ago!

Between working on my bombshell dress muslin and starting to sketch out my plans for Fall 2013, I needed to squeeze in a little sewing number that could do double duty for the weekend.  Jersey, of course, is my material of choice.  In an hour or so, I was able to bang out a high-waisted skirt (that doubles as a strapless dress...more on that another time).  

For the pattern, I was able to use a skirt I had on hand and I eyeballed the waist/bodice band.   The material, much like this dress, is super soft and I absolutely love the color.  And having clothing that can morph is a pretty sweet bonus!

Monday, April 15, 2013

|| Like A Prayer || Hat Lady

I love my pink hat that I acquired from a friend.  I feel like with flowers on the brim it would make a rockin' church hat.  The only downside is that it tends to fly off of the top of my head in wind gusts.  As a new hat convert, I am assuming that to be a normal occurrence.  I wonder how those women of the Hollywood golden age managed to pull it off so beautifully...

One of my goals for the spring is to wear and document (me)made and thrift(ed) clothes and accessories that I love.  There's nothing like having a photo reminder of what you made/scored and a visual reminder of wardrobe items that I still need to add.

I first shared this dress back in December 2012 when the weather was oh so chilly.  Luckily for me, the weather in Michigan is just now beginning to cooperate.  As soon as my fingers touched this dress, I remembered how soft and amazing the fabric feels.  And the length is just right for warm weather!

|| (me)made: black jersey dress, crocheted jewelry bag, bracelet ||
|| thrift(ed): jewelry ||
|| free: hat, heart necklace, ring ||
|| stuff: shoes ||

Friday, April 12, 2013

||All That Glitters || This Weekend

I decided to post a quick look at my closet, which has a surprising amount of thrift(ed), (me)made, and vintage items. A little Friday inspiration as I continue to make adjustments on my bombshell dress muslin.  I also realized that I have a lot of bags because I am a bit of a bag lady (but really, I heart shoes).

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

|| Lover of the Light || Simple Sleeping Mask

A rough guide to how I made my eyemask: (1) trace around an existing eyemask or eyeball a pattern, (2) measure out strap size (I made mine 2 1/2" x 10"), (3) cut out straps, (4) sew straps, wrong sides together, and then turn inside out

(5) pin all layers together {I sandwiched: bias tape, top eyemask layer (right side out), purse batting, bottom eye mask layer (right side facing out), and straps (right side facing out) together}, (6) sew all layers together, (7) add velcro to straps,  (8) enjoy your eyemask

I am truly a lover of the light.  So much so, that any light, no matter the time, can make sleep very difficult.  I tend to get excited and I want to do things.  My mind likes to race over ideas and to-do lists and other tempting sweet nothings that seem important enough to wake up for at any time.

This sleeping mask was a simple project that I made after too many sleepless nights.  This pattern is an update on a sleeping mask that I made back in 2011 from worn out socks (I did wash them first), and left over stash fabric.  I used a very gross sleeping mask that mysteriously showed up in a friend's car.  It was dirty with shoe prints clearly visible over its "nurse scrub" blue fabric.  I had just enough tolerance to  sketch it, dissect it, and then trace it.  Now I have a pattern of my own to use at my discretion.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

|| Labor of Love || Farmers Market

On Saturday I had the chance to stop by the farmers market.  It makes me wish that I had a green thumb. I am always intrigued by what I find.  Fresh fruit, leafy greens, homemade goods, and colorful vegetables are a sight for winter weary eyes.  It doesn’t hurt that I get to sample some of what I see.   Delicious!

The farmers market in Kerrytown is one of my favorite markets to hit up because it is a hop and a skip from downtown Ann Arbor.  After scoring some tasty finds, I normally meander my way through town, looking in shop windows, ogling the paper goods store, and starring wistfully at the hip looking people with warm cups of specialty coffee at Sweetwaters Cafe. Yum!

Friday, April 5, 2013

|| Strike While It's Hot || Iron Board Cover

In a month of increased construction, I thought it might be a good idea to spruce up some of my equipment.  My ironing board cover has continued to be an eyesore in my space.  Discolored, dysfunctional, and downright disgusting it was beginning to bother me.

So, I pulled out my One Yard Wonder book, chose a cheerful, spring fabric, and went to work.  The project took me about an hour, mainly ironing the edges down before sewing (ironic, I know).  Quick and easy, this proved to be a fairly painless update to a dreaded, much used foe.  Lovely.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

|| Roundabout || Circle Skirt Project

H-E-L-L-O spring! As soon as I could feel the sun coming out of hiding, I realized that I wanted a fun, twirly skirt to lounge about it in. This skirt was simple to make--I blogged about the video I used here--and I like how it turned out. Extraordinary neon fabric from a botched "alien" dress and the same fabric I used for these buttons make up the skirt.  I am finally beginning to dust off the ole sewing machine and get back to working on projects that have been stashed away for way too long.

Monday, April 1, 2013

|| April 2013 ||

In keeping with my "classic" theme for both sewing and knitting, it seems fitting to make April a month all about construction techniques.  Whether revisiting "almost" completed projects like my bombshell dress or figuring out how to deconstruct thrifted and free finds so that can I build them back up, this month will be about forward progress on skills.  Thus, Alfred the sewing machine shall return.  Slightly offended from lack of use, but happy to see me none-the-less.

Adventure?  Bring it on.  Boning, hand stitching, drafting, and button holes are so only somewhat scary concepts.  Here's to April, where a bit of a construction boom is scheduled to hit.