Monday, April 22, 2013

|| The Life Aquatic || v.1 Jersey Skirt

Water, water everywhere would describe the weather currently drenching my part of the Midwest.  I am finding cloud coverage to be conducive to sewing, but not so much the power outage that hit a couple of nights ago!

Between working on my bombshell dress muslin and starting to sketch out my plans for Fall 2013, I needed to squeeze in a little sewing number that could do double duty for the weekend.  Jersey, of course, is my material of choice.  In an hour or so, I was able to bang out a high-waisted skirt (that doubles as a strapless dress...more on that another time).  

For the pattern, I was able to use a skirt I had on hand and I eyeballed the waist/bodice band.   The material, much like this dress, is super soft and I absolutely love the color.  And having clothing that can morph is a pretty sweet bonus!

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