Monday, April 15, 2013

|| Like A Prayer || Hat Lady

I love my pink hat that I acquired from a friend.  I feel like with flowers on the brim it would make a rockin' church hat.  The only downside is that it tends to fly off of the top of my head in wind gusts.  As a new hat convert, I am assuming that to be a normal occurrence.  I wonder how those women of the Hollywood golden age managed to pull it off so beautifully...

One of my goals for the spring is to wear and document (me)made and thrift(ed) clothes and accessories that I love.  There's nothing like having a photo reminder of what you made/scored and a visual reminder of wardrobe items that I still need to add.

I first shared this dress back in December 2012 when the weather was oh so chilly.  Luckily for me, the weather in Michigan is just now beginning to cooperate.  As soon as my fingers touched this dress, I remembered how soft and amazing the fabric feels.  And the length is just right for warm weather!

|| (me)made: black jersey dress, crocheted jewelry bag, bracelet ||
|| thrift(ed): jewelry ||
|| free: hat, heart necklace, ring ||
|| stuff: shoes ||

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