Wednesday, April 10, 2013

|| Lover of the Light || Simple Sleeping Mask

A rough guide to how I made my eyemask: (1) trace around an existing eyemask or eyeball a pattern, (2) measure out strap size (I made mine 2 1/2" x 10"), (3) cut out straps, (4) sew straps, wrong sides together, and then turn inside out

(5) pin all layers together {I sandwiched: bias tape, top eyemask layer (right side out), purse batting, bottom eye mask layer (right side facing out), and straps (right side facing out) together}, (6) sew all layers together, (7) add velcro to straps,  (8) enjoy your eyemask

I am truly a lover of the light.  So much so, that any light, no matter the time, can make sleep very difficult.  I tend to get excited and I want to do things.  My mind likes to race over ideas and to-do lists and other tempting sweet nothings that seem important enough to wake up for at any time.

This sleeping mask was a simple project that I made after too many sleepless nights.  This pattern is an update on a sleeping mask that I made back in 2011 from worn out socks (I did wash them first), and left over stash fabric.  I used a very gross sleeping mask that mysteriously showed up in a friend's car.  It was dirty with shoe prints clearly visible over its "nurse scrub" blue fabric.  I had just enough tolerance to  sketch it, dissect it, and then trace it.  Now I have a pattern of my own to use at my discretion.  


  1. Cool project! And I love your crocheted blanket, too.

    1. Thanks dude! I needed a "sew" break from my dress muslin.