Thursday, May 2, 2013

|| The Life Aquatic || v.2 Jersey Dress

After the deluge of water that dropped from the sky, it looks like spring buds and summer winds are here to stay.  This dress (that can double as a skirt in a pinch) is just in time.  I wish I knew more about fabric because the jersey that I am addicted to--soft, buttery, and available in a decent range of colors--amazes me every time I work with it.

Granted, the price point puts it in the range of "coupon only" purchase, but I am addicted.  It also washes well, which is one of those nice, practical matters I often overlook.  My hope is to catch a seasonal sale at one of my local thrift shop haunts so that I can stalk the men's section and do my weird, "rub the fabric against my arm" test, to find a cheaper, albeit, second-class replacement.  But really, in the back of mind, I am thinking about just hoarding coupons, auctioning off my living room, kitchen, and bedroom and camping at an RV park in a tent for the rest of my life to keep working with my beloved fabric.  You know, just the usual.

So saying that I fell hard for knits, is not an overstatement.  The stretch helps to provide amazing fit without too much fidgeting over body skimming seams and darts.  I used 1 yard of fabric, doubled over to help avoid any "tricky" transparency of fabric.

I decided not to do any finishes for the hem because I loved the rolled look.  If I could do it again, and I am sure that I will, I plan on cleaning up my side seams a bit.  My new friend, serger, took a bite out of one side unexpectedly.  And by that I mean, I might have needed to adjust the knobs as I was feeding it a lot of fabric at once.  I love learning experiences like that.  The ones that don't ruin an outfit, but just make it endearingly funky on one side.

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