Monday, June 24, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

|| Time Machine || Past Project

As I was organizing my photos, I stumbled across this picture taken about a year ago of some red pants that I found at the thrift store that I had planned on reworking.

The project failed, but I am glad to remember the impetus behind the photo--to make clothing better through trial and error!  I am sure I will have more red pants debacles but I am excited, nonetheless, to keep pushing forward...just in time for a weekend of crafty fun.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

|| Open Season || My Knitting Bag

|| Contents || June 2012 Vogue (also used as convenient extra pad), small blue notebook, colorful pens, measuring tape, small scissors, addi 1" circular knitting needle, and yarn c/o Kollabora.

|| Taken || around town & to work 

Monday, June 17, 2013

|| Fruit Pickin' || Knit Swatches

Swatching makes my head spin.  The thought of making 4 inch square samples over and over until I land on the right one is a bit of a pain.  But I've learned that if I don't swatch, it takes me at least twice as long to find the right stitch pattern for whatever project I decide to tackle.

The truth is, yarn speaks a language of its own.   My trusty swatches showed me that this particular yarn loves texture.  Which I could not be happier about.  After trying several different patterns out, I landed on the texture (pictured below) that creates an amazing amount of contrast by simply mixing and  swapping purl and knit stitches.  Yarn details can be so simple and stunning up close.  And for me, simple is a must for summertime knitting.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

|| Out and About || Weekend Snippet

|| iced tea, bbq sandwich w/ slaw & homemade chips, bbq plate w/ red mashed potatoes, and green beans ||

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

|| All Stitched Up || Embroidery Hoop Update

I have been adding bits and pieces to my embroidery piece since I first posted about my embroidery class.   At first, I wasn't sure about adding beads as the first time I tried it I did not like the look of it, but I decided to go ahead and give it a second go anyway.  The difference is that this time, instead of using rows of beads, I opted for little clumps of them spaced at random.

I have a lot of bright colors on my piece.  Primarily because I just decided to use what I had on hand in my various crafty stashes, but now I think it is time to add more greens in the piece to tone it down a little bit.  Speaking of greens I think I hit upon a combination that I really, really love.  They remind me of when I would fly from Virginia to Montana.  As soon as the plane flew over the neatly patterned, squarish pacts of land that looked like an earth-colored quilt, I eagerly gazed out of my window.  It was my hope to remember the land in small graphic images, shapes spilling over into shapes, color melting into color.  

The colors that I selected remind me of all of the different shades of grass--new budding sprouts, firm, deep-green blades, and golden hay. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

|| Endless Summer || Kollabora Yarn Fun

I love receiving packages through the mail.  When the good people at Kollabora contacted me about sending me a crafty care package, I could barely contain my excitement.  I asked them to surprise me with what they sent, and I was beyond elated when I received Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn.  Can't you just see the knitting needles clicking in my head?

Speaking of which, have you heard about Kollabora yet? If not, imagine a clean, modern interface where makers the world over share their stuff. I have been regularly posting pics of my projects and WIPS (works-in-progress) on the site. Below is a screen shot of some projects that I have posted to the site.

And now it is time for me to plan what to do with these beauties.  My mind, as you might imagine, is a whirl of possibilities!

Friday, June 7, 2013

|| Class Act || Embroidery Beginnings

It's Friday!  This weekend I will be hanging out downtown with friends soaking up as much of Ann Arbor as possible.  

On Sunday, I am back in class--learning embroidery techniques, communing with a small group of crafty ladies, and wishing my hands could produce the complicated ideas in my head.  The class itself is more of an embellishment sampler than an embroidery master class, but my appreciation for embroidery and it's uses for sprucing up clothing have deepened.  

My goal is to create a mood board for my last class so that I can attempt to hit the ground running with my next project.  I am already warning myself to think small details versus big pattern pieces.  It looks like my new unofficial slogan for the month is "think small."  It should be simple, but it is turning out to be quite a challenge.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 2013

Just returned from a relaxing vacation that included camping, hiking, and general shenanigans.  As I finally remembered to bring my camera, I was able to capture some photos of my trip and some inspiration for my embellishment class that I am taking at the Ann Arbor Arts Center (thanks to Carrie).

Before I left for my vacay, I did manage to '"finish" my bombshell dress--seven muslin drafts later.  I am using quotation marks because it still doesn't have the fit I want, but it does look very pretty on a hanger.  I must have a mental block when it comes to that dress because I really am not sure how many more times I will can make it (hint:  I will be starting my 3rd attempt at this dress later this month) but I will try, try, try again...and of course share my kinda okay 2nd attempt.

I also opened up a heart stopping, foot thumping, fist pump raising package in the mail not too long ago from the awesome people at Kollabora, and of course I will share the contents and my plans on what to make with them soon.