Friday, June 7, 2013

|| Class Act || Embroidery Beginnings

It's Friday!  This weekend I will be hanging out downtown with friends soaking up as much of Ann Arbor as possible.  

On Sunday, I am back in class--learning embroidery techniques, communing with a small group of crafty ladies, and wishing my hands could produce the complicated ideas in my head.  The class itself is more of an embellishment sampler than an embroidery master class, but my appreciation for embroidery and it's uses for sprucing up clothing have deepened.  

My goal is to create a mood board for my last class so that I can attempt to hit the ground running with my next project.  I am already warning myself to think small details versus big pattern pieces.  It looks like my new unofficial slogan for the month is "think small."  It should be simple, but it is turning out to be quite a challenge.

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