Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 2013

Just returned from a relaxing vacation that included camping, hiking, and general shenanigans.  As I finally remembered to bring my camera, I was able to capture some photos of my trip and some inspiration for my embellishment class that I am taking at the Ann Arbor Arts Center (thanks to Carrie).

Before I left for my vacay, I did manage to '"finish" my bombshell dress--seven muslin drafts later.  I am using quotation marks because it still doesn't have the fit I want, but it does look very pretty on a hanger.  I must have a mental block when it comes to that dress because I really am not sure how many more times I will can make it (hint:  I will be starting my 3rd attempt at this dress later this month) but I will try, try, try again...and of course share my kinda okay 2nd attempt.

I also opened up a heart stopping, foot thumping, fist pump raising package in the mail not too long ago from the awesome people at Kollabora, and of course I will share the contents and my plans on what to make with them soon.

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