Friday, July 12, 2013

|| Naked Lunch || Round Swatch

Swatching, swatching, and more swatching.  I have almost finished my circular swatch for my sweater. My hero, Elizabeth Zimmermann, suggested making a lovely hat, but I found an old stuffed friend who is currently without clothes.  So, of course my mind immediately went to "mini-sweater" mode.

I also hosted a tea party for two.  Weird?  Yeah, I know. I am such a sucker for fake cookies and paper tea cups.  And my naked, stuffed friend (quiet by nature) was silent, but I am sure he loved the idea.

The only design question I have is:  top down or bottom up?  In my mind it just makes sense to try top down.  By doing a mini-sweater I would have the chance to try it out first in a mini mode before I move onto the adult size sweater.  Being able to try on the sweater as I knit is super tempting, especially since my design calls for the sweater to be more fitted in design versus loose.  I also like the idea of sleeves being made as you go.  Totally just convinced myself.  I am definitely going to try it.

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