Wednesday, July 17, 2013

|| Sweat City || Basic T-shirt

There are days when the heat simply cannot be ignored.  Here in Michigan we have had a solid string of those days.  It's tough to forget the sweat dripping down your back, even when art fairs and outdoor concerts fill every corner of the city.  After hammering away at my knit sweater (finished the swatch!) and reexamining my bombshell dress (pictures coming soon!), I decided to take a break and make a fun, simple, useful piece of clothing--a t-shirt.

So why the Number 2 on the picture?  Well, I got a little 90s-rific and cut up a simple skirt (from one of my thrift store dress purchases) to go with my shirt.  I decided that every project I show that is not bombshell, sweater, or embroidery hoop related should be solidly numbered as a visual reminder for me to get back to work on my project deadlines for July!  

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