Sunday, August 31, 2014

around the homestead.

this week flew by.

my little sweater project is in its finishing stages - yarn ends to be tended and then i should be able to wear that bad boy out.

my latch hook rug is still a WIP, but square one (of many) is about to be knocked out.  after one more square i should be able to tell whether or not cutting up my canvas into more manageable chunks was a good idea or...

i find myself wavering between socks or another sweater for my next knitting project.  socks are just so tempting, but i do have that chunky yarn stash to finish up before i can purchase additional yarn, which is a shame, because i found a delectable yarn shop close by.

hmm. i better get back to knitting, if i ever hope to visit it again. 

like ever.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the sun - downtown Anchorage - a part of the "planet walk"

lettering on window of tourist shop

my favorite abandoned building - so many day dreams about what its next incarnation could be

if only club 25 was still a hoppin' place for the above listed

mural over parking garage - i pass it daily

donated bricks just outside of the downtown park

mural on the side of the downtown mall - one of my favorites

Sunday, August 24, 2014

 a neighborhood store - painted on the outside in a creamy, light sage color.

 thrift finds and a painted shelf for my new craft studio.

sidewalk art from a nearby school.

formal dress i made for an art gala - the dress code was black tie or artistic tie. guess which one i chose?

sketch of a latch hook rug for my new space - who knew yarn ends could be repurposed?

yep, i am making a sweater. and knitting in the summer.  a first on both accounts. gotta love anchorage weather.

the floor of the studio - paint splattered before i arrived.

swatching - because swatching never stops - a sample design on latch hook rug canvas

mountains and clouds behind the painted wall of a school.

Friday, August 22, 2014

my goodness me - a year has gone by with nary a peep about my travels.

this won't do.

a short story about sitka.

we flew to an island in the pacific. we lived in a hobbit hole. and we ate lots of fish.

there was a lot of rain. tales of bears and other things that go bump in the night.

i never saw a bear.

we made new friends - met old friends - and eventually decided to trade out an island in Alaska for a bustling urban metropolis. in alaska there is only one - anchorage.

and now, i am back. coming out of my island hibernation, very rested and feeling energized.

oh, and that little side project i mentioned last year is still humming along - keeping me smiling - with my camera in hand - making all sorts of lovely experiments with yarn and fabric.

cheers to catching up!