Sunday, September 14, 2014

fall comes to the city

i took these photos sometime during the first week of september.  

dry, brittle leaves. crisp mornings.  fall comes to the city.

i've heard some locals say that we're in for a long, rough winter.

but then again, every place i go to, the locals say that we're in for a long, rough winter.

as a july baby, i know that the hot, humid air and warm waters of my childhood should make summer my favorite season, but i have a soft spot for fall.  

it always catches me unexpectedly and leaves too soon.  just as the winter months tend to stay too long - if it weren't for knitting (and my natural "home body" disposition as a cancer)  i would probably loathe the winter.

as it is, i have eagerly adopted the "knit fast, die warm" motto.  i can't remember which knitter-blogger came up with that.  it might have been one of the goth knitter-bloggers, of whom i also harbor a soft spot.

i might have mentioned it before, but i will mention it again. i have just finished square one of my latch hook rug.  it is a beautiful tangle of yarn of varying lengths (despite my best efforts at consistency).  

i have many more squares to go.  

cheers to square one of many.  i will attempt to cut it down evenly and share soon.

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