Saturday, November 29, 2014

I've been working on the same space for over three months. Adding clippings of magazines to my dream cork board wall, getting giddy off of stacks of newly rolled balls of yarn, seeing my newest creations hanging up where I can see them.  

A little love and my heated, windowless area off of the garage is my favorite place to go. 

I am also three dresses away from having my closet of basic, "anytime/anyplace" dresses that I have been dreaming about for years on end.  My first sweater has already been worn out in public several times, but I am already thinking about unraveling it.  I love modification.  Even if it takes me a while to admit that the "oh so subtle" flaws are not actually giving my handmade garment character...

It's amazing how something that takes so much time to make can be taken apart in minutes.  

I am toying with still doing a shoot with my first sweater - because, um, I need documentation.  Not to mention getting back in the practice of posing alone with my camera and handy, dandy remote in public places.  

Looking forward to it.